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The Stars Are My Salvation

Book One: The Reason

By Stephen Langford

About The Book:

When humanity first began to explore the stars, Kris Galloway signed up enthusiastically, excited to transform his lifelong hopes and dreams into something more. But as exploration fanned across the galaxy, Kris could never have imagined that humanity would behave so dreadfully to the sentient life it encountered—actions which did not go unnoticed by the galaxy’s oldest and most formidable race: the Citaris. Angered and disgusted by what they witnessed, the Citaris declared war on the human race to stop its wicked ways.

The war was brutal, and Earth didn’t stand a chance. Knowing that humanity’s survival hung in the balance, a demoted Kris Galloway committed a mutiny of one that ended the war and saved Earth from annihilation. The reluctant hero whose name became immortalized across the expanse, Kris slipped off into private life, seeking peace away from the fame and fortune. That is, until one morning years after the war, when a government agent approached Kris with an alarming question: Why did they intercept Citari communications uttering his name?

The Stars Are My Salvation is the debut science fiction novel by Hollywood veteran screenwriter, Stephen Langford. The first book in an exciting new series, fans seeking intergalactic adventures, unlikely heroes, thought-provoking political discourse, alien agendas, and secret agent missions, will find all of this and more within.

Book Details:

Publication Date: February 28, 2023

Page Count: 320

Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches


Hardcover (case laminate cover with dust jacket) – (ISBN: 978-1-958268-00-1)

Paperback/Softbound – (ISBN: 978-1-958268-01-8)

eBook – (ISBN: 978-1-958268-02-5)

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