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Betrayal on Triton

By Ryan Henry

About The Book:

Winner, 2014 Cygnus Award for Best Military Science Fiction Novel


So here's the pitch. The name's Ethan Riley and I guess you could call me a merc. An underpaid, hyper-stimmed gun-for-hire. I spent over a decade piloting an APEC rig in countless proxy wars and clandestine hit jobs. In those days, I was a trash-talking heartbreaker, and could take a punch a whole sight better than I could throw one.

Bottom line. I was working a freelance hit on Mars, and everything went south. Next thing I knew I was a prisoner of Lunaris, a ruthless moon-mining corporation that'd stop at nothing to undercut their competition. They gave me a choice. I could face criminal charges or take on a suicide mission to ghost a rival company's claim. Either way, I was screwed, but I at least wanted a fighting chance.

With a skeleton crew that could barely get along, I got sent to Triton – the coldest moon in Neptune's orbit. All I had to do was make the drop, waste the target, and get back to my ship alive. If I could pull it off, they'd let me walk.

I should've known better.

Now if you wanna read about how I made it out alive, you need to cough up some credits and give me a few hours of your time. In return, I'll immerse you in a tale of pulse-pounding combat, back-stabbing betrayal, and all the dangers of our perilous solar system without any risk to you or any other planet-sider.

I should warn you I swear a lot, and if you ain't got the backbone to handle some violent situations, you might wanna steer clear of my story.

Book Details:

Publication Date: Expected Q3, 2024

Page Count: TBD

Trim: TBD


Hardcover (case laminate cover with dust jacket) - (ISBN: 978-1-958268-03-2)

Paperback/Softbound - (ISBN: 978-1-958268-04-9)

eBook - (ISBN: 978-1-958268-05-6)

Teaser Trailer:

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