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Lie Still The Dead

By Matthew Heilman & Ryan Henry

About The Book:

“There’s a lady… in the woods…”

Virginia, 2016. After the body of a seven-year-old boy is found drained of blood, Williamsport Police Detective Nathan Alderson is left with more questions than answers. When the evidence leads him to an even more nightmarish discovery, Alderson forms an unlikely alliance with a troubled college professor. Together, they confront and attempt to destroy a sinister presence lurking in the forest. But the cunning vampire dominates them physically, tests their bonds of loyalty, and threatens to devour their sanity. Will the hunters find a way to stop the ravenous monster before she kills again?

In this standalone sequel to Come Forth in Blood, Ryan Henry and Matthew Heilman have combined elements of modern police procedurals and atmospheric gothic horror to deliver one of the most frightening vampire novels in decades.

“First, you’ll feel the air pull around you.

Then, the woods will get even darker than they already are.

You’ll feel that cold again, and right before it shows itself,

You’ll feel something tracing the blood pumping through your veins.”

Content Advisory

To prevent spoilers, the description of the content advisory has been hidden.

For those readers who wish to use their discretion to evaluate if the content is suitable for them, please click on the “Reveal” button above.

This novel contains strong language, graphic violence, violence involving children, miscarriages, death of children, sexual assault, and heavy alcohol/tobacco use.

Book Details:

Publication Date: September 27, 2022

Page Count: 426

Trim: 6 x 9 inches


Hardcover (case laminate cover with dust jacket) – (ISBN: 978-0-9785591-7-5)

Paperback/Softbound – (ISBN: 978-0-9785591-8-2)

eBook – (ISBN: 978-0-9785591-9-9)

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Reader Reviews 

Based on 6 Reviews
Jeana B.
November 8, 2022

Awesome Read!

The first book in the series was great, but this one was epic! We got to see some returning characters, but it is still a stand alone story. (It does give away some secrets, though, so I advise reading them in order.) I stayed up late reading because I couldn’t wait to finish it. Lie Still the Dead definitely took a darker turn, and is more graphic in nature than Come Forth in Blood, but I was sucked so deeply into the story that I couldn’t even skip over any details. It was impossible to predict what was coming and I want to read it again just to see what I missed.

Matthew T. Meyers
October 22, 2022

Well-done sequel

I’m always hesitant of sequels. By this point, I've usually become emotionally intertwined with the characters and story from the first book and, admittedly, my hopes and expectations are unrealistically high for any follow-up books. But honestly, “Lie Still The Dead” did not disappoint. It offered its own enthralling story arc, while still seamlessly aligning with the stories and characters from round 1. Heilman and Henry raise the stakes with this book’s antagonist – somehow even scarier and more perverse. Their sensory descriptions are top-notch, and it’s as if I can feel (and smell!) her evil presence. And, once again, I love Heilman and Henry’s use of excerpts at the beginning of the book. When authors successfully utilize this technique, as they do here, I find it to be the perfect touch of foreshadowing, while also being a fun opportunity to reference back after reading and once all connections have been made. You can definitely read this book without first reading Come Forth in Blood. It will still make sense and enthrall you. But I think you’d be shorting yourself by not reading them in order. Fully submerge yourself and you won’t be disappointed.

October 8, 2022

Creepy as F@%#!!!

“Lie Still the Dead” is a very well-written sequel to “Come Forth in Blood.” I would highly recommend it to fans of both old school horror and detective fiction. The fluid prose drives a gripping narrative, which inspired some surprising feelings of empathy in me, just as the first book did with the story of the vampire Matthias. But this time around, the story is much darker and picks up with what was teased in the creepy “Epilogue” at the end of the first novel.There are some extremely unsettling and disturbing scenes in this book that stayed with me, but they were necessary to flesh out the background of the female vampire. To say much more would spoil the interesting twists and turns the story takes. But in short, Charlotte is a very complex and intriguing take on classic female vampires. She is intelligent, yet insane; murderous, yet maternal; manipulative yet grief-stricken. All these characteristics inspire loathing as well as sympathy.We are also introduced to Detective Nathan Alderson, another new character who reluctantly joins up with an English professor who has knowledge of the occult to track down the vampire. Alderson’s background and inner demons make him especially vulnerable and easy prey.Finally, it was great to read how much the surviving characters have evolved since “Come Forth in Blood,” and we discover how the events from that novel have affected their lives. By the end of this story, everyone is deeply affected by what has taken place, all the pieces fit together brilliantly, and the conclusion is surprisingly satisfying.Overall, this is a realistic yet refreshing approach to traditional vampire storytelling.

Scott J. Koerber
September 30, 2022

I'm obsessed with this book

Absolutely incredible. I devoured this in a couple days. I was a huge fan of the first novel (Come Forth in Blood) but had no idea the depths this new book would take me. The authors are masters at weaving intoxicating, atmospherically-drenched prose and hardboiled detective fiction to unfurl a tale of obsession, madness, sorrow and heart-pounding terror all centered around one of the creepiest and most terrifying monsters I’ve ever come across in all my years devouring horror fiction (vampire or otherwise). Lie Still the Dead’s vampire is unlike nearly any other depicted in the modern era. This is a modern realistic novel (presented through multiperspectivity and parallel narratives) whose monster is a nightmare of cold, malice-filled evil. This book tapped into realms of fear and morbid fascination in me that are rarely touched by any art (literature, cinema, etc).  I truly cannot say enough about this book. Highly recommended.

September 27, 2022

Welcome back, scary vampires! We've missed you!

I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of this book, and I can't tell you how happy I am to devour it again upon release. If you're looking for glittering vampires or the brooding, Byronic vampire who is misunderstood and seeking love or redemption, this book is not for you. Instead, if you want to experience vampire horror at its finest, this is for you.Heilman and Henry's writing styles merge beautifully in this sequel to Come Forth In Blood (check it out, too!). This book comes alive between the authors' attention to detail and a combination of lyrical and procedural writing. The writing is vivid and as consuming as anything you could watch on Netflix. I was so engrossed in one scene that I was practically shouting at the character like you would with a horror movie. While I don't want to give anything away, somehow, Heilman and Henry managed to take a scene I can only imagine as possible in film and put it into words with the same emotional effect.Heilman and Henry draw deeply from gothic horror and police procedurals and merge these influences into a work that evokes the absolute horror of the vampire. The distance felt between the contemporary reader and the classic vampire novel is no more. This isn't a remote castle on a dark and stormy night. This is today. This is behind you, just out of sight. This is in your backyard.Lie Still The Dead can be read as a stand-alone novel, but to get the full effect, I highly recommend reading Come Forth In Blood. The character development between the two novels is worth it, but there is enough backstory provided in Lie Still The Dead that you will not be lost if you only read this novel. Either way, I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Welcome back, scary vampires. You've been missed.