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Come Forth in Blood

By Matthew Heilman & Ryan Henry

About The Book:

BELGIUM, 1944. A young German soldier is gunned down in a mass execution by American riflemen. Left for dead among the frozen corpses of his comrades, Matthias Bartsch is attacked by a pair of sinister creatures and undergoes a horrid transformation. As a fledgling vampire, he crosses the Atlantic to hunt down his executioners. Yet when revenge fails to pacify him, Matthias is tormented by the memories of his past and carelessly attempts to recreate the life and love he lost.

VIRGINIA, 2014. Edison Raymer is an anthropology professor at a small college in the riverside town of Williamsport. His arrogant demeanor and unorthodox lectures on the occult have ostracized him from students and faculty alike. Yet Raymer is willing to risk his career and the lives of those closest to him in order to prove the existence of vampires once and for all.

Two hunters — one human, one undead — are nearly driven mad by their obsessions. As the lines between man and monster become blurred, only one can survive.

Book Details:

Publication Date: January 26, 2021

Page Count: 334

Trim: 6 x 9 inches


Hardcover (case laminate cover with dust jacket) - (ISBN: 978-0-9785591-4-4)

Paperback/Softbound - (ISBN: 978-0-9785591-5-1)

eBook - (ISBN: 978-0-9785591-6-8)

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Reader Reviews 

Based on 45 Reviews
Benjamin D Johnson
October 12, 2022

5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn’t put it down!

Couldn’t put it down!

An unusual story, from a German soldiers point of view. Well written and well told. I was rooting for the vampires.

Keilah Trott
July 23, 2017

Amazing Read

I love books about vampires. This title is a portrayal of the classic vampires and thankfully not ridiculous like the Twilight Saga. It was very well written. The author knows what they are talking about. I really liked the lecture on the mythology of vampires, very detailed. There was beautiful prose.

Amazon Customer
August 30, 2016

5.0 out of 5 stars This book would make a great flick.

Heilman and Henry present to the reader a unique fantasy/thriller/horror vampire story. I write "unique" because the story strays away from the traditional 20th century notions of vampirism to give a more realistic depiction. The uniqueness of the story combined with the many twists and surprises, that seem to come when you least expect, keep the reader's attention throughout and to the very end. I was engaged from start to finish and the writing naturally provoked my imagination to vividly conjure the different characters and the different settings.To add, the characters and the story are round and dynamic. The plot and subplots are developed. And the writing is pro. This book would make a great flick.

Desiree Floyd
August 29, 2016

5.0 out of 5 stars Traditional vampire lore with humor, a tender early-twenties style love story, and a human villian

First, a disclaimer. I've known the author for 21 years exactly. Our friendship started over our mutual admiration for vampire literature, and we played the White Wolf Vampire RPG several times.That being said, this book is a great addition to traditional vampire lore. Vampire books don't always start with the rules, but the rules are in place from the beginning, so let's go over those first. Vampires are undead and not truly physical beings in this book, so they don't have sex, though they seem to like the idea. They are highly sensitive to sunlight and burn in light. They abhor Christian/religious imagery and relics and holy water can burn them, but they aren't stopped by anything symbolic other than silver. They have consciences and something resembling a soul, but the hunger rules every time. They only eat people and if they feast on the dead, they get deformed. They have to have permission to enter a dwelling and permission to turn someone. They only turn by puking blood back into the victim's mouth (not Dracula style by having Mina nurse from a flesh wound). They can go in water, but there may be some weak association with running water being dangerous, it's not really explored. They don't turn into animals. They can fly but only when powerful. Those who are turned when younger (say very young teens) seem to have less frontal lobe development and impulse control in their undead existence, and haunt their victims several times.While the vampires in this book are important and their stories matter, they are not the principal villianous force. That role is left to Dr. Edison Raymer, a college professor with a bloodlust for vampires. See whether you have any kind of sympathy for him by the end of the book.I don't want to provide too many spoilers, so I'll just say that the book is relatively quickly paced and picks up in the second half when basically everyone goes hunting, and there is some sexy material if you are looking for that in a vampire book, but in general this is a PG book until the end, when it crosses over into some serious R territory for the final battle.I particularly enjoyed the references to rural Virginia and the Chesapeake (my old stomping grounds with Ryan back in the day), as well as the keen descriptions of vehicles (especially the gunmetal classic Mustang GT), the references to classical music and literature, the descriptions of history/anthro/English professors from the "Williamsport College"-- a mirror of the College of William and Mary placed in Surry across the James, and the hilarious dialogue. This book has something for every vampire afficionado, while it is a bit light on the romance, the romance is there, it's just subtle, and tender.Yours cruelly, Desiree

August 19, 2016

5.0 out of 5 stars A Book That Starts Off With a Roller Coaster of Twists and Turns - This One Will Keep You Glued to Your Chair!

Unteroffizier Matthias Bartsch was a medic in World War II. He and a group of his comrades found themselves facing an execution by an enemy firing squad. He took one last look at a picture of his loving wife and looked onward at the rifles that promised certain death. The sound of their lethal bullets was felt as they ripped into his body. With their impact he felt himself falling into the ground.Matthias was surprised that he was not killed instantly. He managed to survive the initial impact. Although he ensured that he did not dare breath to alert the snipers of his survival. When they were satisfied that this mission had been a success he heard them leave him and his friends to the element of the earth.Matthias have been lucky enough to survive the firing squad but what would come next was something he never would have thought would be possible. A group of creatures came and tore into the dead bodies of his friends. He watched in horror as they seemed to rejoice in salvaging the last of their blood. One of the monsters attacked him and he felt the creature force blood down his throat. He managed to escape the demon but he felt at that moment his entire world had changed.The encounter enabled Matthias to become immortal. He now walked the earth as one of the undead. He was intent to find those responsible for the situation he now found himself in. His only clue to the murderous firing squad members was a name he had overhead they call one of them and a military patch that he remembered they all wore.Will Matthias be successful in his search for vengeance? Will he learn to adapt as being one of the undead?COME FORTH IN BLOOD presents an excellent cast of characters. From page one I was impressed with how the author started the story by showcasing the main character being involved in such a tense situation. With the authors descriptive words I found myself able to visualize and feel the helplessness of the men facing certain death.The overall plot of the story led the reader to understand what all had led up to Matthias being turned into a vampire. Overall, I felt this book is an excellent addition to the vampire gene. Because it is one that focuses on the start of how the main character found himself being turned into a vampire, it then goes on to illustrate the hardship and sacrifice that is endured by Matthias and how is able to adapt to his new life.Matthew Heilman and Ryan Henry have done an excellent job in writing COME FORTH IN BLOOD. Their writing voice is one that reveals multiple layers of their writing talent. I was highly impressed with this book. It is written in a tone that is unlike anything that you would find from similar authors in this gene. I feel these two authors writing provide an exceptional outlet that is a true asset to the paranormal gene.