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We are bringing old-school horror back in style. Bloodsucking vampires, ferocious shape-shifting werewolves, hungry undead ghouls, and sadistic serial killers that live next door.

We’re just getting started!


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The terror that comes in the night from the far reaches of distant stars — and sometimes even closer to home. What lurks in the depths, and the unnatural corners of long-forgotten structures designed by intelligences we cannot begin to comprehend? You will surely be asking, “Who goes there?”

Dark Fantasy

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These are not the tales you were told as children. The world is much darker and far more dangerous than that. Malevolent witches, haunted forests, occult rituals, cursed creatures, and bargains that come at a very high price — these are just some of the elements you will encounter as you journey through our pages.


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Select titles ranging from literary criticism to other topics such as paranormal encounters, unexplained phenomena, true crime, and more.



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