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Works by the Author:

The Stars Are My Salvation

2023, Novel, Science Fiction

Creepshow (AMC Networks, 2019-2022)

Segments: Skincrawlers, The Right Snuff, The Last Tsuburaya

Co-written with Paul Dini

Family Matters (TV Series)

1990-1998, Writer/Producer

Tiny Toon Adventures (Animated TV Series)

1990, Short Segments

Warm Blooded Killers (Film, 1999)


Stephen Langford

Stephen Langford is a Massachusetts-born writer of television, film, and novels. His love for science fiction and horror inspired him to become a writer, sharing his stories with audiences around the world.

After receiving a B.S. in Film from Emerson College, Stephen moved from Boston to Los Angeles to work for Embassy Television. Starting as a writer’s assistant, he moved up the ladder and was promoted to Staff Writer, eventually becoming a Writer/Producer for the smash-hit Warner Bros. situation comedy Family Matters, which he worked on for eight years! He later wrote screenplays for feature films including Lovewrecked, Club Dead, Warm Blooded Killers, and Big Baby, and directed four other films as well.

Recently, Stephen has come full circle to his beginnings by writing for the new AMC anthology horror series, Creepshow, based on the beloved classic 1982 movie by Stephen King and George Romero. Along with writing partner Paul Dini, they wrote three episodes of the show, including the first space horror episode: “The Right Snuff.”

Some of Stephen’s writing inspirations are Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, David Gerrold, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mario Puzo, Robert Heinlein, Harlan Ellison, Rod Serling, and Gene Roddenberry (who lit the fuse to his writing journey).

In 2019, Stephen received his Master of Fine Arts in Writing and Contemporary Medium from Antioch University, which is where The Stars Are My Salvation was born.

Stephen is married to his wife, Sandy. They have two grown children, two dogs, and reside in Tarzana, California.