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Craig Hines

Works by the Author:

Gateway of the Gods

2007, Non-Fiction, Paranormal

Foreword to The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim (by Scott Alan Roberts)

2012, Non-Fiction, Paranormal

"Psychobabble" article

2011, Intrepid Magazine, Paranormal

"Dead Space" article

2010, TAPS ParaMagazine, Paranormal

Craig Hines

Craig Hines is a graphic designer, artist, author, and man of many talents hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2006, he founded both his graphic design studio, Numina Media Arts, and shortly after, Dark Imaginings, which creates props, special effects, and other professional services for the Halloween and Haunted Attraction industry.

He is also the author of Gateway of the Gods, which he wrote, illustrated, and self-published in 2007. He has written articles for TAPS ParaMagazine and Intrepid Magazine, and presented his research at conferences held throughout the country. He has also been a guest on such popular radio programs as Coast to Coast AM, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Beyond the Edge Radio, and Speaking of Strange, among many others.

In 2020, Craig launched Stygian Press, a small independent publishing company that produces high quality, professional, and eye-catching books for the horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy enthusiast reading communities.